Chiropractic Treatment For Spinal Stenosis

Chiropractic Treatment For Spinal Stenosis - Chiropractors

The spaces between and around the vertebrae are incredibly important to the function of your spine.  These spaces not only help cushion your spine against shocks and force, but also allow for nerves and blood vessels to travel up and down the spine.  Spinal stenosis is a chronic condition in which these spaces, or more specifically the spinal canal, become smaller and cramped due to either injury or age, causing pain and pressure on the nerves running through your spine.  While there are many different traditional approaches to medical treatment such as surgery or braces, you may be looking for an alternative and less invasive type of treatment.  You may want to consider chiropractic treatment for spinal stenosis.

Diagnosis Of Spinal Stenosis

Chiropractic treatment, however, is only for a mild form of stenosis.  If you’re experiencing severe nerve control problems such as severe leg pain or loss of bladder control, then surgery might be your only option.  On the other hand, if you’re experiencing only a mild case of stenosis, then your chiropractor may be able to significantly improve your quality of life.

Chiropractic Treatment For Spinal Stenosis

Most treatments will involve two aspects: Direct manipulation and home exercises.  During direct manipulation, the chiropractor will help you stretch your spine through a technique called distraction manipulation.  A table will help expand your spine and allow the chiropractor to target the specific spine area with rhythmic thrusts to restore flexibility.

Home exercises are simple exercises you can do almost anywhere, primarily focusing on flexing the spine in a forward position.  These home exercises are designed to stretch and strengthen the lower back muscles and activate the nerves along your spine.

Find A Licensed Chiropractor

While spinal stenosis is a chronic condition that cannot currently be cured, chiropractic treatment can help lessen discomfort and pain in many cases, improving and maintaining quality of life.  If you think you could benefit from chiropractic treatment for spinal stenosis, contact a chiropractor as soon as possible.  Use TalkLocal so you can speak with a high-quality, local chiropractor in just minutes!

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  1. Steven says:

    In addition to direct treatment and home exercises, I purchased an ergonomic office chair and it has almost completely solved my problems!

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    I really appreciate this post .which might be very useful for all of us

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