The Chiropractic Toggle Technique

The Chiropractic Toggle Technique - Chiropractors

The chiropractic toggle technique is one that many chiropractors use when they adjust your spine. The method was developed long ago by highly-regarded chiropractor B.J. Palmer. The technique has stood the test of time because it has proven effective. However, if you are new to a chiropractor and do not know what to expect, the chiropractic toggle technique might be a little intimidating. Here is some information about it to put your mind at ease.

Fast And Precise

One of the reasons patients might be intimidated by this technique is because it requires very fast and precise motions. Some patients are leery of quick motions because they expect pain to accompany it. That is not the case with the toggle technique. The technique is actually painless.

Focuses On The Atlas And Axis

The chiropractic toggle technique generally is used on the top two bones of the neck. New patients are also generally uneasy when chiropractors work on the neck, because it is such a fragile part of the body. They usually would rather have someoneĀ massage the area.

The top two bones of the neck surround the brain stem. If these bones are misaligned, it can cause a series of negative health affects. It can also decrease the overall mobility of your body. The toggle technique aligns these bones correctly to remedy these issues.

The Technique

The chiropractor starts with their hands crossed as they grip the patient. In one, fluid and fast motion, they execute a quick thrust, which aligns the bones back together. Often, chiropractors use a special drop-down table to facilitate this motion and accommodate the patient’s body. Patients need to be completely relaxed as a chiropractor executes this technique. Chiropractors will have a difficult time with this technique f the patient’s body offers resistance.

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