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Scanner Lamp Error - Computer Repair

A printer-scanner can be very frustrating if it malfunctions, especially if multiple people use it. A common error that appears on scanners and copiers is “Scanner Lamp Error.” If you want to know what to do when your copier has a scanner lamp error, just read below.

What Is A Scanner Lamp Error?

When you get a scanner lamp error you will see the display screen light up. The scanner light will also light up, but then nothing else will happen. You will then see the message on either the display or your computer saying “Scanner Lamp Error”.

Why Does the Scanner Lamp Error Occur?

1)     The bulb in your scanner could have blown out.

2)     Your mirror frame could be dirty which confuses the scanner.

3)     The transportation lock could be affecting scanning ability.

4)     The entire jack assembly could be malfunctioning.

5)     You may have an improperly assembled product.

How To Fix A Scanner Lamp Error

To fix this error, you first need to know the cause. If the bulb is blown out you will have to buy a replacement and install it.  If the mirror frame is dirty you should try to get inside and clean all 5 mirrors in it so that the scanner is not fooled by a few specs of dirt.  If the transportation lock is what is causing the malfunction you should attempt to move it a couple of times to free it. Also leave the lock in the open position.  In the case that the entire jack assembly is malfunctioning or you have an improperly assembled product you should probably try to get the entire product replaced through the manufacturer.

Need To Get Your Scanner Repaired?

This seems to be a common problem with HP 3300 series printers and scanners, which includes the 3300, 3330, and 3380 models.  If you cannot seem to find the problem, do not want to have to trash the entire scanner, or if the product is no longer under warranty, you should probably try to get in contact with a computer repair technician. Use TalkLocal to be connected with reliable, local companies within a matter of minutes, for free.

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