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Web Pages Load Slowly - Computer Repair

Don’t you hate spending half of your time online waiting for web pages to load? There could be a variety of reasons why your web pages load slowly. To diagnose the issue, try booting your computer in safe mode with networking. Open any web page. You can also check the web page loading time using different web browsers. If the loading time doesn’t improve when in safe mode, then there is probably a problem with your Internet connection. If the loading time is faster than usual, then there is a problem is with your computer. If your computer is the problem, try the following methods to speed up web page loading.

1. Reboot Your Modem

2. Turn off your computer.

3. Unplug the modem. Leave it unplugged for one minute.

4. Plug in the modem.

Restart your computer after the modem lights flash and remain steady.

Limit Multimedia On The Web Page

The more content there is on a web page, the slower it will load. If you limit the amount of multimedia that your computer must process, then the web page will load faster. To customize these settings for Windows:

1.     Click Start > Control Panel.

2.     Double click Internet Options.

3.     Click Settings.

4.     Under the Multimedia heading, uncheck the settings you would like to disable.

5.     Click OK.

Use Antivirus Correctly

Antivirus software must store many files and logs when it performs a scan. This information is not overwhelming, but unnecessary or duplicate files can affect the response time of your web pages. Scan your computer with a program like Free Window Registry Repair to find out the condition of your registry.

Maintain Background Programs

Along with antivirus software, other processes run constantly and can often slow down your connection. Programs may be silently updating in the background while you are browsing the Internet, which results in a lag. To maintain your background programs in Windows:

1.     Click the Start button >> Run.

2.     Type “msconfig.exe” in the command screen.

3.     Click Service or Startup in the System Configuration Utility.

4.     Uncheck the programs you want to stop running.

5.     Click OK.

Further Assistance

If the above methods fail to improve your browsing experience, you can always have your computer examined by a professional. TalkLocal can connect you with up to three computer technicians in your area within minutes. Our service is fast and free!

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