Toothpicks Versus Dental Floss

Toothpicks Versus Dental Floss - Dentists

Some of the yummiest treats — popcorn, apples, corn on the cob — leave behind some not-so-yummy remnants in between your teeth. This can be really bad for your teeth if you don’t remove them soon. When food gets stuck between your teeth, you can find yourself developing bad breath, plaque build-up, tartar build-up, and even eventually gingivitis or gum diseases. This leaves us with the battle between toothpicks versus dental floss as preferred method of cleaning out the areas in between your teeth.

The differences between toothpicks versus dental floss listed below might help you understand when and why you may use these products.


– Toothpicks are small, pointy pieces of wood or plastic used to remove food particles from between your teeth.

– Toothpicks should be used when you have noticeable remnants of food between your teeth. If you’ve eaten something and you can feel that you need to clean your teeth, you can grab a toothpick.

– Toothpicks should be held lightly and used gently to remove food particles between your teeth. Don’t get too forceful with a toothpick; that could damage your gums or teeth.

– Using a toothpick throughout the day, or after each meal, can help you keep your mouth and breath fresh while keeping your teeth clean, but it should never replace flossing or brushing your teeth.


– Floss should be used every day at least once per day, but preferably twice a day or after each meal. Floss is a thin, string-like material that comes both waxed and unwaxed. You use this thread between your teeth to remove any lodged food particles.

– Floss is good for removing large particles, but is intended to remove smaller food particles which tooth brushes and toothpicks can’t reach.

– You should floss gently to avoid cutting your gums, but floss is less likely to injure your gums than a larger, pointier toothpick.

– If you don’t usually floss, you may notice your gums bleeding when you start. This is because your gums become sensitive when food remnants aren’t removed. When you remove them and clean you mouth better, your sensitive gums may bleed a bit. As they grow stronger, the bleeding will stop.

See A Dentist For A Thorough Teeth Cleaning

Toothpicks and dental floss are not interchangeable. You need to brush and floss at least twice per day. Using toothpicks can help you keep your teeth cleaner and more comfortable throughout the day in between flossing and brushing. If you have more questions about dental health, Seva Call can connect you with dentists and hygiene professionals who can assist. It’s fast and free.

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  1. arch wires says:

    I have heard that using a toothpick is very much dangerous. Whenever i used to use it, i used to be scolded by my parents and same is done by me to my children. 🙂 Using a floss is really very beneficial and must be used regularly and sincerely.The floss should be gently inserted between the teeth and scraped along the teeth sides, especially close to the gums or underneath them.This will prevent any type of gum diseases.The best way is to use it along with the toothbrush. But today you have explained very well about the better option and now i know why my parents used to scold me. Thank you..!! 🙂

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