Where Can I Recycle Glass?

Where Can I Recycle Glass? - Garbage Removal

There are so many things that can be recycled. Although paper and plastic first come to mind, even furniture, metal, and batteries can be recycled, too. Out of everything, glass is the most recyclable material, as it is able to be recycled continuously, over and over again. You might find yourself wondering: Where can I recycle glass? I want to do my part to help the Earth, but I just don’t know how.

Where Can I Recycle Glass?

If you are asking this question, you first want to inquire with your city or county’s garbage removal professionals. Your local area may have a specific location or certain professionals to recycle your glass for you. If that is the case, giving them a quick call can get you the answers you need easily.

You also might check with local vendors. If there is an area business that produces a lot of glass, they might have a drop-off or even pick-up service for glass recycling available to you.

Most recycling drop off centers do have a special bin for containers, including glass. Some even have a special bin for glass alone. If you have a local center where you can drop off paper goods, plastic, etc., you should double check for glass.

When you recycle glass, there are a few very important things to keep in mind.

Never recycle broken glass: Unfortunately, broken glass can’t be recycled. Not only is it dangerous for you to handle broken glass, but it’s especially dangerous for those who empty recycling receptacles. They expect glass bottles to remain unbroken. If they reach in to a bin with broken glass, they can encounter serious injuries.

Clean your glass before recycling it: If it’s a bottle that once held a liquid or powder, make sure it is cleaned out and dried. Leftover products can be dangerous to workers and also attract bugs and messes.

Take off the lids: Oftentimes, the lids of your glass bottles need to be recycled separately, or even tossed out. Either way, you need to make sure you remove them from the bottles for the recycling process.

Get More Information On Local Glass Recycling

Garbage removal and recycling can be kind of confusing, but it’s pretty important. If you need more help with doing your part to keep our earth clean and happy, TalkLocal can connect you with the professionals in your area who can answer your questions.

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