Different Types Of Batt Insulation

Different Types Of Batt Insulation - Handyman

Proper insulation is essential in a home to help with heating and cooling. Without effective insulation, warm or cold air can easily escape, leading to sky-high energy bills. It also helps with soundproofing rooms.

Insulation can be comprised of a variety of materials and come in various forms. Batt insulation is one of those forms. While there are different types of batt insulation, all of it comes woven together and can be purchased in panels. This makes it a lot easier to install than loose-fill insulation, which has to be blown into the wall with a giant hose, usually by a trained professional.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, and installing batt insulation seems like a task you can easily handle, consider some of these different types of batt insulation.

Fiberglass: Of the different types of batt insulation, this is easily the most common. A large amount of fiberglass is produced from recycled glass. This glass is heated up and melted. Once it is melted, it is woven into small fibers. The glass fibers are bound together to create the panels of insulation. It is important to remember that when handling fiberglass, you must always wear protective gear, such as gloves and safety glasses.

Cotton: Some people fear that fiberglass will put harmful materials into the air of a home. While this is not concern that many professionals deem legitimate, if you want to be safe, you can pick up cotton batt insulation. Cotton is very common, so you know it is not harmful. In fact, you will require very few safety precautions when handling this type of batt insulation. To make it a more effective insulation, a flame-retardant chemical is applied.

Minerals: Some batt insulation is comprised of mineral materials like basalt and slag. This type of insulation is generally used in commercial buildings, and is a lot denser than the other types of insulation. It is also incredibly flame-retardant and helps in situations where supreme soundproofing is required.

Need Someone To Install Your Batt Insulation?

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