HVAC Is Dripping Water Inside

HVAC Is Dripping Water Inside - Heating and Cooling

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) is the heart of your heating and cooling system and requires regular maintenance. One of the main problems that you will notice with HVAC systems is the presence of water or moisture. This is always a problem sign and never is it normal to find water leaking in your HVAC system. If your HVAC is dripping water inside, here are some possible causes and how you can fix them.


The dripping water might simply be a matter of condensation. If this is the case, you will often be in for a very quick and easy fix. The evaporator coil and suction line can often sweat as the HVAC system operates. These wires are covered with insulation. However, if a chunk of insulation is missing or was worn, the condensation can leak through.

Also, make sure the evaporator coil is completely clean. If there is dirt or debris on it, condensation might fall to the ground instead of reaching the drain.

Severe Issues

If an HVAC is dripping water inside, it can be a surefire sign of a serious problem that only a professional can address. These issues require extensive knowledge of HVAC systems in addition to the tools and parts necessary to complete the job. The nature of these issues can include, but is not limited to:

          – Some of the system’s pump tubing has been clogged

          – The HVAC system is not operating correctly and allowing the indoor coil to freeze

          – A pipe or pipe fitting is cracked or damaged

          – There is a blockage in the drain, trap or condensate pan

          – You have a faulty compensate pump

Trace The Source

Even though you might not be an HVAC professional, you can usually get a general idea about what the problem may be simply by tracing the source of the water. Just follow the water and inspect the unit thoroughly to discover why your HVAC is dripping water inside. You can always relay this information to the professionals to give them a better idea of what the problem could be.

Don’t Put Off Calling For Help

HVAC systems are crucial in keeping the temperature of your home comfortable and regulated. When you need to get a hold of someone fast, TalkLocal is a worthy ally. We can get you talking with a local professional in a matter of minutes.

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