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Plant Evergreen Trees - Landscapers

In the winter, when most plants die and trees lose their leaves, you may find yourself wishing your yard had more color. A lot of times, the creaky branches of the hibernating oak and maple trees can be depressing. One way to add some year-round color and flair to your yard is to plant evergreen trees.

Before you plant evergreen trees in your yard, you may want to know some facts about and benefits of evergreen trees.

– As evident by the name, evergreen trees remain green year round. This is why they are such a popular tree in winter scenes; they add color and beauty to an otherwise white, possibly dreary scene.

– The best time to plant evergreen trees is in the spring right after that last frost leaves the ground. This is because the cool weather and rain likely to come are good for the tree’s adjustment into the ground.

– If there is a late frost after you plant your tree, don’t worry about it. Evergreens are more durable and longer-lasting than other plants, which would be hindered by a late frost.

If you want to plant evergreens from seeds, you will have to take a few extra steps:

1.You will want to refrigerate the seeds for three weeks before you plant them. This mimics the natural cooling process after the last frost in spring, which helps the trees when planted.

2. After this, you should soak the seeds in some water over night, then put the wet seeds in a shallow dish sealed with plastic so they can germinate.

3. Evergreens can come in lots of shapes and sizes, although they typically look like a triangle. Although some can grow to be very large, you can also get Dwarf Evergreen trees if you want something that will always be smaller.

Find A Local Resource

Evergreen trees offer a permanent, year-long splash of color for your home or business. If you are interested in planting these beauties, or if you need more information about them or your landscaping needs, we at TalkLocal can connect you with the professionals in your area who can help.

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