How To Calculate Alimony Payments

How To Calculate Alimony Payments - Lawyers - Family

Alimony is spousal support. It is the financial support payment from one ex-spouse to the other. Alimony payments are up to the discretion of the court. The payment will have certain conditions attached, such as duration and amount.  The court will consider the need of the spouse with the lesser income versus the amount to pay from the spouse with the larger income. However, it is possible for a couple to come to an agreement on their own terms without the ruling of the court. In any case, you should prepare yourself by learning how to calculate alimony payments.

Factors Included in Alimony Payment

The judge will consider a few factors when determining the alimony payment. These factors include:

1. Duration of the marriage: Calculate how long the marriage lasted. The longer you were married, the higher the alimony payment. Also, the alimony is more likely to be required if the marriage lasted for more than 10 years.

2. Income of each spouse: If there is a big difference between each spouse’s income, the judge will likely order alimony to be paid. If your marriage lasted 10 years or longer, this increases the likelihood of paying alimony.

3. Age of each spouse: The younger you and your spouse are, the lower the alimony payment, because younger adults have more time to make money and support themselves.

4. Standard of living during the marriage: The court will try to keep you and your ex-spouse at the same standard of living as when you were married.

5. Each spouse’s available assets once the divorce is finalized: The value of assets after the dissolution of marriage will help determine if you and your ex-spouse can support yourselves without the extra financial support of alimony.

6. Why the marriage ended: The court will oftentimes deny alimony payments to an unfaithful spouse.

7. Children: The court could order temporary alimony payments to a spouse that primarily cares for any children from the marriage.

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