Magnetic Trigger Point Therapy

Magnetic Trigger Point Therapy - Massage Therapy

Magnets are not just used to decorate your fridge; they can help relieve physical pain as well. During magnetic trigger point therapy, magnets are placed on specific locations on your body. The magnetism increases blood flow in your body, reducing inflammation. Keep reading to find out more about magnetic trigger point therapy.

What Are Trigger Points?

When your body is injured or overtaxed, contraction knots can develop in tissue and muscle, which result in stiff muscles or trigger points. These painful points often send the pain to another part of the body, causing doctors to often misdiagnose the source of the pain.

What Causes Trigger Points?

Muscle trauma, muscle strain, stress, anxiety, poor nutrition, and postural strain can trigger a trigger point. When your body undergoes any of these, it tries to adjust itself accordingly, which ends up putting more stress on other parts of your body. Your blood flow can become irregular, which leads to more serious health problems. The accumulation of all this triggers a trigger point, causing the pain.

How Can Magnets Relieve Pain From Trigger Points?

Magnets can be used on aching feet, back pain, headaches, arthritis, and tennis elbows, as well as many other common types of muscle pain.

A medical magnet can cost between $5 and $900 and can come in various shapes and sizes. They also come in various strengths, which is called gauss. Ask your doctor about which magnet works best for you.

The magnet should be placed directly on the skin over the affected area. By relaxing the capillary walls, magnets increase the blood flow to the affected area of your body. This enables the healing process and promotes pain relief. You may rub the magnetic over the area. You can also leave the magnet over the painful area for a while; medical tape is a great way to hold the magnet in place.

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