How Much Do Storage Facilities Cost?

How Much Do Storage Facilities Cost? - Moving and Storage

If you are moving, downsizing, or simply looking for a place to store an excess amount of stuff until you can sell it, you may be asking yourself: How much do storage facilities cost? The answer really depends on how much you need to store and the type of facility you need to rent.

Average Storage

If the items you are storing are not susceptible to mold or damage under extreme temperatures, you likely do not need a climate controlled storage facility. This will cut down on your costs. As you can imagine, the smaller your facility, the less you pay. Here are the averages for each facility size.

– 5’x5’: $40-$50 per month

– 10’x15’: $75-$140 per month

– 10’x20’: $95-$155 per month

– 20’x20’: $225  per month

– POD (portable storage) 8’x8’x12’: $230 per month

Special Storage

Often, items of value can make their way into storage facilities. If you are considering storing art, valuable documents, wooden furniture, collectables, or anything else that might be damaged under extreme temperatures or high humidity, you may want a climate-controlled storage facility. On average, you can expect to add about $20 to the average price of the unit for a climate-controlled unit.

Additional Costs

Many facilities require a deposit as well as the first full month of rent up front. If you intend to insure your property (this is highly recommended) you can expect to pay an extra $10 to $20 per month. Finally, you will sometimes be required to supply your own lock. A high-security lock can cost around $20 or more.

When You Need More Information:

Ultimately, it is a good idea to shop your local area and ask: How much do storage facilities cost? Determine, first, the size of the unit you need. Then, compare prices at local facilities for regular and climate-controlled units. Be sure to ask about the deposit, insurance, and if a lock will be provided. To find a professional in your area, try using TalkLocal’s free service.

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