Get Rid Of Ant Nests In Trees

Get Rid Of Ant Nests In Trees - Pest Control

Much like most insects, ants are true pests, and often they will set up a home in your trees. If you notice large nests forming in the tree branches with ants congregating around it, your tree has been infiltrated by an ant nest. It’s important to get rid of ant nests in trees, but you must do it in such a way that you do not harm the tree.

If you slather on harmful pesticides, it could damage, or even kill, the tree. Or, just think if your tree grows fruit; these harmful chemicals could work their way into food that you and your family eat.

The following are some natural and safe ways to get rid of ant nests in trees.

Natural Pesticides Or Insecticidal Soap

Neither of these will harm your tree, but are potent enough to kill off the ants and get rid of the nest. Natural pesticides, as their namesake suggests, come from natural resources, and are available in some specialty stores. Insecticidal soap is similar — you’ll likely have to search for such a product before you find it. If you do not want to spend the time and money, you can dilute normal dish soap into water and spray that generously on the nest. Spraying the nest with only water will not do the trick, but the soap makes it effective.


You probably didn’t know this, but ants want nothing to do with chalk. See for yourself — they will not cross a line of chalk. You can outline the base of your tree with chalk to stop ants from coming and going. Some stores even offer chalk laced with insecticide for additional help.

Boiling Water

If the ants have set up shop on the ground at the base of the tree, killing them off is as simple as pouring boiling water down into the ant hill.

Breaking It Does Not Work

Taking a blunt or sharp object and busting the ant nest open will achieve little. Unfortunately, you have to also get rid of the ants, otherwise, they will simply regroup and go to work constructing another nest.

Call Pest Control In To Get Rid Of Ant Nest In Trees

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