Trailer Back Up Guide

Trailer Back Up Guide - Towing

Backing up a trailer can be one of the most difficult tasks to do if you’ve never had any experience with towing a trailer.  While actually going out and trying to back up a trailer is the best way to practice, it may be help to read the following trailer back up guide to give you a basic understanding of how to do it.  When you do actually go practice, it may be best to do it alone; having an audience and someone else directing you only confuses the process.

Moving In Reverse

Remember that when you move in reverse, the trailer will move in the opposite direction that you steer your vehicle.  If you steer from the bottom of the steering wheel, turning the wheel right will turn the trailer right and vice versa.  In order to see where you’re going, you should adjust your sideview mirrors to see your trailer’s tires.

Practice makes perfect

When you go to practice, try to find a good open location without trees or lamp posts, such as an empty parking lot.  You’ll first want to practice moving the trailer backwards to the side and then straightening it into a straight line.

Once you can comfortably do that, you should also practice how to turn the trailer around corners.  In order to do this, find an open corner and put your trailer right on the side of the corner.  Once the trailer starts to arc around the corner, slowly push the steering wheel back to center to straighten out the trailer and the vehicle.  Make sure that you watch your vehicle as well so that you don’t hit the corner as you swing around.

Keep in mind that this is just practice!  If you need to pull forward again before attempting the curve, just do it and don’t get frustrated.  Being by yourself is the easiest way to practice driving the trailer in reverse.

Need Help With Towing?

If you still have questions and are unsure about backing up a trailer, you may want to talk with a towing professional, as they’re extremely well-versed in trailer towing.  TalkLocal can connect you to a high-quality, local towing professional in just minutes!

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