Ways To Tow A Motorcycle Behind A Car

Ways To Tow A Motorcycle Behind A Car - Towing

If you love the freedom of two wheels but need the ability to transport your motorcycle short or longer distances from time to time, you need to know the ways to tow a motorcycle behind a car.

Not everyone has, or can afford, the room for a pick-up truck, so those with motorcycles need an alternative for transport. Before considering either of the following tow methods, it is a good idea to check out towing regulations in your state and each state you will be traveling through. These rules and regulations will vary throughout the United States.

Both of the following methods require the installation of a hitch. Check your car’s owner’s manual to determine the tow capacity prior to taking any steps to install a hitch. Your car may not even be powerful enough to handle the weight of your motorcycle, so these ways to tow a motorcycle behind a car may not be for you.


There are trailers available on today’s market especially made for motorcycles, but you can buy a small trailer from a farm supply or home and garden store that should work with a few modifications for cheaper.

Add appropriate tie-down hooks and ramps in order to safely load and transport the motorcycle. You can also rent small enclosed trailers if your transportation needs are infrequent. This will better protect your motorcycle during transit.


If you live in the city and do not have room for storing a trailer, you may consider a tow-bar. The tow-bar will attach to the hitch and transports the motorcycle by keeping the front wheel secured to the bar while the back makes contact with the road. Check your motorcycle’s manual to see if this method is discouraged. Some will discourage this method because the drive chain is not receiving the proper lubrication during transport and yet is still turning.

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