How To Save Energy With Home Improvements: Appliances

How To Save Energy With Home Improvements - Appliances - Appliance Repair

One of the most common methods of learning how to save energy with home improvements is through appliances. As the concept of “going green” has grown significantly in the past few years, many energy efficient appliances have made it into the market. Why should you invest in these appliances, and how can you be sure they even do what they claim to do?

Why Replace Your Appliances?

As your old appliances age and begin to have problems, they will become less efficient. New appliances which are marked for energy efficiency not only consume less energy, they function better than their less energy-efficient counterparts. Additionally, if you use appliances which use less energy, you could save a significant amount on your monthly energy bills.

What to Replace?

Go through your house and see which appliances consume the most energy. Sure, your light bulbs may be on frequently, and you may watch a lot of television, but consider what appliances consume large amounts of energy.

Your refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, and HVAC system all make up the majority of your energy bill. Replacing one of these appliances with an energy efficient counterpart can have an impact on your bill. Replacing many of them can save you a significant amount and is beneficial to the environment, too.

What to Look For

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a qualification called Energy Star. Any appliance carrying this label (a blue and white star) has been evaluated by the EPA and meets, or exceeds, a rigorous set of standards. You can trust that any appliance you purchase with one of these labels will be as efficient as it claims.

Do Your Appliances Need Fixing?

If you are not sure which appliances are the answer to how to save energy with home improvements, consult an expert. TalkLocal can find a qualified professional near you. Our service is easy to use, fast and free.

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