Proper Air Pressure For Tires

Proper Air Pressure For Tires - Auto Repair

The proper air pressure for tires will vary from vehicle to vehicle. There is not one universal standard. Air pressure for most common cars or vans range from 27 to 35 pounds per square inch.

This is important because both over-inflating and under-inflating your vehicle’s tires could have a dramatic effect on how the vehicle handles and could put your safety at risk. Having properly-inflated tires can also increase your gas mileage, which ultimately saves you money.

So, how do you find the proper air pressure for tires on your vehicle? Here are some tips.

Do NOT Look On The Tire

Often, drivers will look for direction on the tire itself. Often, the tire lists the maximum pressure the tire can withstand. You do not want to test the limits and inflate your tires with the maximum amount of air.

Refer To Your Owner’s Manual Or Inside Of The Driver’s Door

These are two places that will list more accurate measurements you can use. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual likely lists the appropriate range that constitutes proper air pressure for tires.

Otherwise, you might have a sticker which is placed inside the driver’s side door. This can also serve as a quick reference guide.

Always Work With Cold Tires

All tire pressure measurements must be made when the tires are cold — meaning, you have not driven on them for several hours. This allows you to get an accurate reading. If you have been driving on the tires, the friction from the road heats them up, and the air inside expands, which increases the pressure.

Checking And Refilling

To measure your current tire pressure, unscrew the cap to the valve stem and use a pressure gauge. If the pressure is too low, fill the tire with more air. If, for some reason, the tire is over inflated, let some of the air out.

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