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Tesla Model S Price - Auto Repair

Few companies have seen great luck with their version of the electric/plug-in hybrid car. The Chevy Volt has witnessed solid sales, but a relatively newer manufacturer has stepped in to seemingly corner the market.

The Tesla Model S has proven itself as the best-selling electric/plug-in vehicle in the United States. This is somewhat of a surprise considering the Tesla Model S price.

However, when it comes to electric cars, buyers need to work past the sticker shock to take into account the amount of money they will save in fuel throughout the life of the vehicle.

What Is The Tesla Model S Price?

The lowest Tesla Model S price you will see is just north of $62,000. This model features a 60 kWh battery in it and is the very bare standard of the vehicle. As you move into the 85 kWh battery, or even the version with the upgraded power train, buyers are now looking at a price tag closer to $90,000.

Surprisingly, this range is not far off of popular luxury gas cars, like Mercedes-Benz or Audi.

The Model S is a luxury car, and the price tag fits. But, compared to luxury cars of similar price, you are actually getting a far greater deal with the Tesla Model S price.

Figuring In Fuel Costs

The average vehicle in 2013 got 23 miles per gallon. Drivers can do some things to increase their gas mileage, but not significantly.

Because of the electric elements of the Tesla Model S, it gets roughly 89 miles per gallon. Rough math estimates that over the course of five years, Tesla Model S drivers will save $8,500 in fuel costs compared to traditional gas vehicles.

This, of course, is the big draw of electric cars today, especially with skyrocketing gas prices.

Car Need Servicing?

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