Charter Bus Road Trip

Charter Bus Road Trip - Bus Rental

If the price of fuel or airline tickets are forcing you to think outside of the box for your next road trip, you may be considering what it takes to book a charter bus road trip.

Most travel sites will tell you that the efficiency of buses makes for traveling by bus cheaper than plane or car, and they can conveniently drop you off right at your destination. Planes and trains can only get you to the closest stop.

Most charter buses also include amenities such as a restroom, TV screens for movies, reclining seats, and air conditioning. Here are five considerations when you are chartering a bus road trip.

Charter Bus Road Trip Considerations

1. Is the person you are speaking with a representative of the bus company, or are they simply a broker? Brokers will charge as much as 25 percent commission for finding a bus company for you. You will get a much cheaper rate if you work directly with the company yourself. We’ll tell you an easy way to connect with those companies a little later.

2. Unlike flying, there are no comprehensive websites for comparing bus rates. The best way to compare prices is to call each company individually.

3. Ask about gratuity. Some companies require certain rates of gratuity for your driver. If you are booking for a group, this may be included in your total price.

4. Ask about driver accommodation. Some companies require that the group pay for the drivers’ hotel or more, while others include that price in the total.

5. Ask about down payment. Some companies will require payment in full upon booking the trip, while others will accept a down payment of about 22 percent with payment in full about 10 days prior to the trip.

Finding Charter Bus Rentals

Your best bet when trying to book a charter bus road trip is to reach out to reputable companies. TalkLocal has the ability to find one near you quickly. Our service is free, and you will be on the phone with one in minutes. Better yet, we find three of them, so you can make the final decision.

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