Prohibited Materials In A Dumpster

Prohibited Materials In A Dumpster - Garbage Removal

When you have a lot of stuff to dispose of, it’s sometimes easier to just toss it all in a dumpster and move on. Maybe you have even rented a dumpster so you can easily dispose of waste from a project. Although disposing of materials in a dumpster is easy, it’s not always okay. There are some prohibited materials in a dumpster you should know about.

Some prohibited materials in a dumpster include:


Don’t put electronics in a dumpster. Electronic items have chemicals and parts that are incredibly detrimental to the environment. When you put something in a dumpster, it’s typically tossed in a landfill for the rest of eternity until it breaks down and decomposes. Electronics can’t really decompose, and their parts actually poison the environment.

Instead, you need to recycle or properly dispose of your electronics. A lot of public businesses can help with this. If you have an old car battery, computer, television, or similar waste, try taking it to a store that sells the same type of item. They’ll often be able to recycle it for you, either for free or for a small fee. Some establishments even pay a few bucks for you to recycle these items. It’s not so bad on your pocket book and it’s wonderful for the Earth.


They are really small, but they are serious business. Batteries contain acids and chemicals that hurt the environment. Although they don’t contain mercury as they once did, they still hold a cocktail of chemicals and unnatural fluids. Rechargeable batteries are, by far, the most dangerous to toss in a landfill.

You can recycle these, too. Most local recycling centers offer battery recycling. If not, you can take your batteries and rechargeable batteries to a number of retailers, who will recycle them for you.

Furniture Or Large Appliances

No, you can’t toss that busted washing machine or your stained and smelly couch in your dumpster. They’re too heavy and oftentimes they really screw things up for the garbage collectors.

Instead, you can try to recycle them, either as a whole or for scraps. If that doesn’t work, you need to call your local garbage collectors to have these items removed. Oftentimes, counties will have a “free dump,” day where you can drop off whatever you have at a certain location and they’ll take care of it for free.

Finding Local Garbage Removal Services Is Easy

Properly disposing of these items is very important. Tossing them in a dumpster won’t work out well for you or the Earth. If you have more questions, or need to speak with a garbage removal professional near you, TalkLocal can make the connection for you.

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