Installing A Driveway Gate

Installing A Driveway Gate - Handyman

Having a driveway gate for your home provides multiple benefits. Not only does it just look nice, but it also prevents unwanted visitors from driving to your home. You can choose a design that offers extra privacy or one that speaks to your artistic taste. Regardless, installing a driveway gate can be a do-it-yourself task that offers multiple benefits.

What you’ll need if you’re installing a driveway gate:

– A post hole digger

– A shovel

– A level

– A Plumb Line

– Some fast-setting concrete

– An electric drill or screwdriver

– The gate itself

– The gate hardware (the necessary hinges and screws, etc)

– A wrench

– A partner

Steps for installing a driveway gate:

1. Dig the post holes two to three feet deep on opposite sides of your driveway, according to the necessary distance of the gate.

2. Set the posts in the holes using the level and the plumb line to make sure they’re completely straight before you pour concrete into the holes and let that settle over night.

3. The next day, drill the holes into the posts for the gate hardware. Make sure your gate has enough room to open the way you need it to open.

4. Using the holes you just drilled, mount the gate’s hinges and hardware.

5. Now, you need your partner to help you. Mount the gate onto the hinges. Your partner should hold the gate while you make sure the hinges are tightened properly (not too loose, not too tight).

6. Screw on the gate latch assembly hardware at the proper height.

7. If your gate is electronic, this is the time where you want to mount the gate opener brackets and such. Make sure your access pad is at a height that is comfortable for you when you are in your vehicle by measuring.

8. Test the gate to insure it opens and shuts properly.

For More Complex Projects…

If you need help picking or installing a driveway gate, TalkLocal can connect you with the professionals in your area who can help. Each driveway gate requires a slightly different process, so turning to a professional might be your best bet. We have revolutionized the way customers can get a hold of service professionals. Come see how quick and easy it is!

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