HVAC System Types: Hybrid Heat Split System

HVAC System Types: Hybrid Heat Split System - Heating and Cooling

It is important to keep your home or office at a comfortable temperature. When the cold weather of winter hits, you need to scour the HVAC system types to find one that can not only warm your home, but to do so efficiently. The last thing you want are bloated energy bills at the end of the month.

Many residents turn to a hybrid heat split system in this case. By design, this type of HVAC system is incredibly efficient and will save as much energy as possible.

Why Are These The Most Efficient Of HVAC System Types?

Hybrid heat split systems are designed with both an electric heat pump and furnace which operates on fossil fuel.

The system will gauge your heating needs and choose between the heat pump and furnace to provide the heat — whichever is more efficient. With the option of producing electrical heat, this can help save money, especially in the face of skyrocketing prices for fossil fuels.

How Does A Hybrid Heat Split System Work?

Like you will sometimes do in your car, the heat pump of a hybrid heat split system will draw heat from the outside air and pump it into a home. Even when it does not feel warm outside, there is still warmth in the air that can be extracted with the pump.

However, when the pump can’t draw heat from the air, that’s when the furnace kicks in and serves as a source for heat. The fossil fuels burn and the heat that is generated is fed into the home.

Does It Only Work In The Winter?

No! In fact, when it gets hot out, the pump can be used to extract warm air from inside the home and displace it outdoors, thus, cooling the home.

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