Different Types Of Patios

Different Types Of Patios - Landscapers

Having a patio can drastically affect the aesthetic value of your yard and home. A patio can be a beautiful place to sit with your family, enjoy some food from the grill, work while enjoying nature, or even hold a business meeting.

The many different types of patios all offer something for your home. Learning about them, and how to build them, can help you decide which type is right for you.

Some of the more popular of the different types of patios include:

Dry-Laid Patio: This is the easiest type of patio for an amateur to build. Building a dry-laid patio does not require much experience. The simple steps are to select your patio site, excavate it, build drainage for your patio, lay a sand bed and then lay the patio paving stones. You will want to use natural or cut stones for a dry-laid patio.

Mortaring A Patio: This is quite similar to building a dry-laid patio, but you will use mortar to seal the bricks or stones into place. You will follow the same preparation for a dry laid patio, but adding the mortar to seal the bricks insures that they will not sink or produce gaps over time.

Slab Patio: This type of patio is not exactly amateur-friendly, but it can support a lot more weight than a dry-laid or mortared patio. A construction crew must build a shape the size of the desired patio and then pour concrete into the shape. The concrete will have to be continuously smoothed, leveled or sloped (depending on the location) until it is completely dry.

Raised Patios: Although they are the most common, ground level patios are not the only types of patios out there. A patio can be raised from the ground by a few inches or even a few feet. You’ll have to begin with a retaining wall around the patio’s location to ensure that the patio does not fall apart piece by piece.

Find Someone To Help With Your Patio

Patios can add beauty and comfort to your home. If you are interested in more information about a patio, or if you have decided you want to build one of your own, TalkLocal can help you connect with the professionals in your area who can get your project up and running.

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