Planning A Party Checklist

Planning A Party Checklist - Party Planners

For many, organizing a party can seem overwhelming. Your main objective is for everyone to have a good time, so the stress of ensuring everything is just right can prevent some people from even attempting it.

One crucial step is planning a party checklist. Being able to mark off items to visually see that everything is accounted for can greatly reduce a host’s stress level. Here are a few categories you’ll want to include to make sure that everything is covered:

RSVPs: Do you know how many people expect to attend the party? Prior to starting your checklist, you will need to know how much of everything you will need.

Decorations: Have you appropriately decorated for your party? Generally, decorations are done to taste, but guests often appreciate when a host has gone above and beyond expectations.

Food: This one is big. Check your RSVPs — who has special eating needs? For someone with a gluten intolerance or peanut allergy, having foods he or she can safely eat available will show a great deal of care on your part. Also, add to your list specifically the exact foods you need so that you can check them off as you complete them. If you are doing a potluck, add who will be bringing what dish.

Music: Will you be providing the music with a radio or will you be hiring a DJ? Do you have specific music that you want to play? Add these items to your list as well.

Housework: If your party will be at your home, what needs to be done prior to guests’ arrival? Add a cleaning list or home repair items to your list.

Ask For Help!

If your event is simply too overwhelming and you don’t think simply planning a party checklist will get you through, ask an expert. TalkLocal can find local party planners who are more than qualified to handle your event. The best part is that our service is absolutely free.

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