How To Tow A Car Behind An RV

How To Tow A Car Behind An RV - Towing

Having an RV is like having ultimate freedom. You can go wherever you want while still sleeping comfortably in a bed you know and love. But sometimes, when you get to where you’re going, you end up wishing you had a vehicle with you that didn’t take up six parking spaces.  Although driving while towing a vehicle may be different, learning how to tow a car behind an RV can make a world of a difference in your trip.

Some options for how to tow a car behind an RV:

Tow bar: You can always just attach the vehicle to the RV’s hitch with a tow bar. This has the vehicle riding on its four wheels as you drive the RV. This will cause wear on your car’s tires, since they are running on the road, but it will not affect your car’s engine at all.

Tow dolly: Another option is using a tow dolly. These types of tow devices attach to the RV and lift the car’s front wheels up, allowing it to follow along on its back wheels. This only wears on the back wheels, and it actually causes wear slower than using a tow bar would. Dollies are a bit more expensive than tow bars, but they cause less wear and tear to your vehicle, and they’re cheaper than trailers.

Trailer: Trailers can be bought or rented for towing your vehicle. You can put the vehicle on the trailer and attach the trailer to the hitch of the RV. Although the trailer is an added expense, this does not cause wear and tear to your car’s tires. Be aware that some RV parking or camping grounds may charge a bit extra for your trailer.

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These are the three most common ways to tow a car behind an RV. TalkLocal can connect you with the professionals in your area who can help you find the hardware you need to tow your vehicle, teach you how to use it, or even tow the vehicle themselves.

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    I have actually been wondering about towing my car behind the RV for quite some time. Thanks for the info!

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