Cheaper-Than-Dirt Decorating Ideas from Pinterest

Written by Dallea Caldwell

Cheaper-Than-Dirt Decorating Ideas from Pinterest - Seva Call

Seva Man finally moved off of the Seva Call headquarters couch, which is awesome because the interns were slightly irritated at his habit of drying his socks in the microwave. Strangely though, for his housewarming registry, he listed nothing but double-ply toilet paper, packing crates, and used tires. Apparently, Seva Man is not just cheaper-than-dirt out of necessity, it’s actually on principle. He’s turning his treasured odds and ends into shabby-chic style that’s anything but trashy. And actually, it’s coming along quite nicely. If you’re Pinterested, here are just a few of his nifty home fashion fixin’s.

Used Tire Ottoman: Ottomans aren’t for the shallow and pedantic, so they’re priced around the high 2-low 3 digits to keep out the riff-raff. But, something that’s as terribly riff-raff as an ugly, used tire can be turned into a beautiful ottoman. Fill the center with a round slate of wood, add wheels and legs, and cover either with polyester, braided rope, or with fabric, and a round top cushion.

Crate Bookcase: Wooden fruit crates are available at craft stores and, with some paint, along with a few brackets or wall mounts, can be turned into a modern looking bookcase.  Pinterester Julia got her crates for $12.99 from Michael’s and, because she was furnishing a children’s room, she stacked and bolted the crates to the wall. A freestanding option is done using brackets here, and Apartment Therapy shows how creative you can get with this shelf, uniquely configured in chaotic design.

More Crate Possibilities: These crate-converted creations: coffee table, wall mount, and lamp are also all very striking. Based on their looks, they’re worth at least two to three times as much as the cost of the material.

Shipping Pallet Bed Frame: The pallet-wood from bulk packing can be turned into a low-down, crisp-looking bed frame with lots of minimalist cool. Plus, no boxspring needed — potentially saving you a couple hundred bucks. That’s also one less back-breaking payload you’d have to maneuver up the stairs.

Alternative Pallet Bed Option: To add a touch of the rustic without compromising comfort, opt for a pallet headboard instead. Painted black for a chic take or attention-grabbing at a huge scale, the design element is very flexible and can be adapted to match any style. Soften the look with decals or other embellishments.

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