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Best Types Of Radiators - Appliance Repair

Many homeowners throughout the United State use radiators as a cheaper alternative to heating their homes. Some radiators even have a retro look to them, so it essentially doubles as a decorative piece.

There are many different types of radiators available on the market. They operate and generate heat in different ways. Finding the best types of radiators means pinpointing the radiator type that would work best in your home.

The following are some of the best types of radiators.

Fan-Assisted Radiators: These are popular among homeowners and could be perfect for your home or apartment because they are smaller than traditional radiators. These radiators do not have to be very big, because they use a fan to help usher the heat from the radiator into the home. The heat is generated from hot water and a heat exchanger, which is built into the unit.

Under-the-Floor Radiant Heating Systems: Considered to be some of the most up-to-date style of radiators, these are installed underneath the floor. These are also considered to be the most efficient way of heating a home.

Tubing is installed underneath the floor and heated with one of a number of different substances. The heat is then transformed into the room via convection. You do not even need ducts or vents.

Traditional Radiators: While some might consider these to be a bit outdated, many people still rely on traditional ribbed radiators to heat their homes. They have stood the test of time and could still be considered among the best types of radiators.

These radiators are comprised of pipes that carry heat throughout the radiator. This heats the air in the living space.

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