Installing A Car Window

Installing A Car Window - Auto Glass Repair

If any of your car’s windows are broken or even cracked, they will likely need to be replaced. Installing a car window is no simple process, but with the right tools and by following the proper steps, it can be done. A car’s window is made of two main components – the glass itself and the regulator inside the car’s door.

Installing A Car Window

1. To install a new window, you must first open the door itself, which can be done by removing the door’s inner trim panel.

2. With the car door open, use the window controls to roll the window all the way down. Remove the weather strip that seals the window and detach the door handle and window crank.

3. Using a flat bladed tool and screwdriver, pry off the handle bezel. If your car also has a window crank, you can try and remove this by wiggling it around with a cloth behind it to try and dislodge it.

4. Unscrew the screws on the door’s trim panel and lift the panel to release it from the retaining clips.

5. Unplug any electrical connections and pull it away from the door. Remove the water shield and any speakers that may be on the door.

6. It is now time to install the window regulator. Start by sliding the regulator through the door then twisting it into place. If the regulator needs the motor to be installed, you can fasten the motor onto the cable housing, put the fastener on, and then tighten the bolts. Secure the regulator on the door.

7. Place the window glass back into the car. Do this positioning the replacement window above the opening and carefully sliding it down.

8. Bolt the window into place, ensuring it is securely in place within the window regulator. With this done, it is time to begin reconstructing the window.

9. Reassemble the door by reconnecting all the various parts that were removed. Reattach these components before putting the water shield back in place.

Find A Mechanic

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