Barbecue Pit Maintenance

Barbecue Pit Maintenance - Handyman

Summer is practically synonymous with barbecue. During this time of year, if you step outside, you’re sure to be greeted with the divine aroma of grilled food. Fortunately, having your personal barbecue pit means that you don’t have to play the role of the hungry bystander. You can cook up plenty of your own delicious chow. However, in order to get the most out of your barbecue pit, you need to know how to care for it. Here’s how to perform proper barbecue pit maintenance.

Seasoning Your Barbecue Pit

The most important aspect of caring for your barbecue pit is seasoning it with oil, especially if it’s new. This closes off the pores of the metal, preventing moisture and corrosive substances from causing rust. There are spray-on oils made specially for this purpose, making it fast and simple. However, most expert barbecuers recommend using bottled cooking oil because it does a better job. Using a large paint brush, slather the oil all over your barbecue pit. After using it a few times, the oil will dry into a protective coating.

Painting Your Barbecue Pit

Over time, heat, compounds from smoke, and exposure to the elements can wear away the paint on your pit, which promotes rust. Any metal surfaces inside your barbecue pit should be generously coated with a heat-resistant paint rated for temperatures between 800 and 1,000 degrees. However, while this will protect your pit for a time, it will eventually start chipping away again. Therefore, it needs to be reapplied or touched up periodically. This is a normal occurrence, especially if you leave your pit exposed. Using a grill cover can help slow the process. You can find a suitable cover anywhere that sells grills and grill accessories.

Keep It Clean

You should always make sure to clean out your pit after using it. Leaving burned wood, ashes, and grease buildup can ruin food’s flavor, promote rust and make your pit look ugly. Also, remove any rust with a fine wire brush, then touch up the area with barbecue paint in order to prevent further corrosion. If your pit is in desperate need of cleaning or repair, hand this tough job off to someone who has the proper tools and experience.

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