Chemical Adhesive Removers

Chemical Adhesive Removers - Handyman

Adhesive removers are chemicals that breakup and dissolve various types of adhesives. There are many different types of adhesive removers and each one can work on a different type of adhesive.

The most versatile and popular ones are chemical adhesive removers. They are also the strongest and the most toxic. If you are considering using them, you should know a little about these chemicals and how to safely handle them.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is extremely cold and toxic to both humans and animals. It can cause frost bite if it comes into contact with skin. It is also known to cause hypothermia and respiratory problems if inhaled.

If you are using dry ice to remove adhesives, you need to make sure you wear gloves and a face mask. Make sure the dry ice does not touch your skin.


Solvent-based chemical adhesive removers are the strongest adhesive removers available. The chemicals in these removers are extremely strong and can quickly and easily break up adhesive.

These types of adhesive removers are also extremely toxic and need to be handled carefully. You do not want to ingest these chemicals under any circumstances and should always wear gloves and a mask when handling them. They can be used to remove any type of adhesives and are often used and sold commercially because of their strength.

Be Careful

Chemical adhesive removers are fairly common and can be found at most department stores and office supply stores. They can be very handy and are often a necessity for anyone who works in an office or print shop or does a lot of craft projects.

Always be careful when handling any kind of adhesive remover and make sure you do not inhale, ingest the product, or get it on your skin. If you should happen to accidentally come in to contact with the product, contact poison control or see a doctor.

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