How To Install Blown-In Insulation

How To Install Blown-In Insulation - Handyman

Once the cold weather starts to move in this fall, you may start noticing your heating system is working a little harder than it should, and your home isn’t getting as warm as you’d hope it would. This usually shows itself in you wrapping up in blankets on the couch, and also in your heating bill. Considering adding more insulation to your home before you’re strapped with high heating bills.

Try Blown-In Insulation

When thinking about adding to existing structures, consider your options. You can start tearing away siding to open the walls or rip open your drywall. Or, you can go the route of blown-in insulation. Avoiding almost literally tearing the house down to insulate makes the most sense, and using blown-in insulation is a fairly easy process. You can rent an insulation blower and go the DIY route, or you can put the job in the hands of professionals. Here is the process that professionals will use, but they can serve as general guidelines for how to install blown-in insulation.

How To Install Blown-In Insulation

1. A technician will drill two rows of holes roughly every 16 inches, since most studs are placed at that distance. One row will be 12 inches from the ceiling, and the other will be three feet from the floor.

2. The technician will then blow mineral fiber or cellulose insulation into the walls using an insulation blower.

3. After all of the insulation is blown in and settled, the walls will be plugged either using plastic plugs or drywall compound and spackle. Your technician may or may not paint the walls after plugging the holes.

Keep in mind that blown-in insulation is not a perfect process, but it can be made better by using a professional service company. This type of insulation does not settle perfectly even, but professional technicians are familiar with feeling for obstructions such as wires and blocking. They are trained and experienced in creating workarounds for obstacles, which will help you get the most for your money when choosing blown-in insulation.

Find A Professional Who Can Insulate Your Home

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