Non-Chemical Adhesive Removers

Non-Chemical Adhesive Removers - Handyman

When you need to remove a material stuck on by adhesive, you have several options. Many people want to avoid using harsh chemicals and opt for non-chemical adhesive removers.

The only problem with these products is that they are not as strong as products which contain chemicals. Luckily, there are several things you can do to help remove the material without the need of expensive products which contain strong chemicals.

Different Non-Chemical Adhesive Removers

– Use hot water to help dissolve the adhesive. If you are removing vinyl floor tiles, you could pour the water onto the tiles, one at a time. If you are removing letters or graphics from a car or window, you should spray the water on and give it time to soak it. The hot water will soften the adhesive and make it easier to remove with non-chemical adhesive removers.

– Use a plastic scraper to peel the material away from the surface. Be very careful when you do this step. You do not want to damage the surface, and if you are planning to save your material and reuse it for another project, you will have to handle it carefully. Peeling it back will allow you to see how much adhesive you need to remove and will allow the hot water or adhesive remover to soak into the adhesive better.

– Spray non-chemical adhesive removers onto the material and allow it to soak in. Many people make the mistake of trying to remove the adhesive as soon as they apply the remover. If you do not allow the product time to work, it will not be able to soften the adhesive and the material will be harder to move.

If you prefer to remove your material without using chemical sprays, consider using these tips and a trusted non-chemical adhesive remover instead. Certain products cannot be used on sensitive surfaces such as glass or vehicle paint, so be sure to read the product labels and test a small area of the surface before you use the product.

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