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Buy Espalier Trees - Landscapers

An espalier tree is a type of tree that has been shaped and pruned so it will fit in small spaces or grow against flat surfaces such as walls.

These trees are great for people who have small yards, live in an apartment or simply want to grow decorative and useful plants. Best of all, you won’t have to deal with big fallen branches.

When you buy espalier trees, there are several things to consider.

When you put thought into the purchasing process, you are much more likely to get healthy trees and have success in growing them.

Look for young trees that have not branched out yet or have very small branches. These are the best ones to prune and mold to the shape you want.

Consider dwarf trees that do not have a lot of long branches. Dwarf pear and apple trees work well because when they produce fruit, it grows on the plant spurs instead of on the branches.

Start your espalier tree on a trellis or against a wall. It will need this support to grow upward and stay flat. When you buy espalier trees, they may come with a small trellis or stake that helps support them. As the trees grow, their support will need to grow with them.

Avoid planting the tree right up against a wall. The tree will need to breathe, and if it is placed directly on top of a wall, there will not be enough air circulation. It is best to move the tree at least six inches away from the wall it will grow against.

Choose a pattern that you want the tree to follow and prune accordingly. You will need to start by pruning the lead branch, and as the lateral branches grow out, they will need to be pruned and shaped to fit the pattern as well.

Find Someone To Maintain Your Espalier Trees

Choosing to buy espalier trees for your home is a great idea if you are looking for a tree that is small, decorative, and fun to grow.

Many landscapers are capable of both installing and maintaining these fun trees. If you want to track down landscapers that can help you with this task, TalkLocal is your stop. We weed out unqualified professionals and connect you with them directly, so you can get help immediately.

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