Tips On Cleaning Fireplaces

Tips On Cleaning Fireplaces - Maid Services

A fireplace can take a living space from dull to cozy. Gathering around a crackling fire can be an excellent way to spend an evening. However, your fireplace must have regular cleanings so that it looks clean and stays safe. We have some tips on cleaning fireplaces to help you stay warm and safe.

A fireplace builds creosote, a chemical, tar-like substance produced from burning wood and coal. Over time, it can build to the point that it becomes a potential fire hazard. This substance should be taken away by a professional annually. In the meantime, there are things you can do on a regular basis to keep your fireplace cleaner and safer.

Tips On Cleaning Fireplaces

Remove the dust and soot from the hearth. Vacuuming and dusting are the two best ways to do this. A shop vacuum works the best, as the filter can handle the ashes.

Do not add much water to the hearth to clean the ashes, or else they will become pasty and difficult to clean up well. If you would like to clean up the fine layer of soot remaining after dusting or vacuuming, use damp paper towels.

-Sprinkle slightly moist coffee grounds over ashes to keep soot and dust to a minimum. This works during both times of burning and of cleaning.

-When cleaning the hearth, never use any household cleaners. They could possibly leave a flammable residue or emit toxic chemicals into the air once heated.

-Be careful not to remove any of the materials right after a fire as they could still be hot; wait at least eight hours for everything to cool down completely.

Tips For Lighting Fireplaces

-Before lighting the fireplace, look over the chimney, flue, and firebox for any creosote accumulation. If there is a lot of build-up, do not light the fireplace.

Burning well-dried logs or special fireplace logs can help to avoid as much of the creosote buildup as possible.

Burn a creosote sweeping log on a regular basis. This type of log breaks down creosote and can keep your fireplace safer in-between professional cleaners.

Find A Professional Who Can Help

To contact a professional for your annual fireplace cleanings, connect with Talk Local to get the best professionals in your area. Just go to the TalkLocal website and tell us what you’re looking for, your location, and your availability. We will connect you with the right professionals in just minutes.

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