Massage Techniques For Pain

Massage Techniques For Pain - Massage Therapy

The rubbing of muscles may disrupt and relieve the feeling of pain in your body. Pain is a signal that travels from a pinched nerve through your nervous system. The nerves run from your skin deep inside your body and up your spine. In an instant, that electrical signal is traveling through your neck and into your brain. The brain receives the signal and tells you that something is wrong with the feeling of pain.

When certain massage techniques for pain are used, especially in the back and neck, it can release entrapped nerves. It can stop a signal from being generated, and it can ease the signal before it reaches your brain, thus relieving the pain.

Massage Techniques For Pain

Two of the most popular massage techniques for pain are known to reduce irritation in the body.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage was once used for Hawaiian Royalty. Lomi Lomi massage practitioners use their entire bodies to massage your muscles. Lomi Lomi translates directly into “Masseuse.” It is a superficial massage. Oil is spread across the skin and long, light movements are used up and down the body, especially the back. The skin is invigorated with this touch, and the superficial nerves come to life. Blood then rises to the surface of the body, which heats and loosens entrapped nerves.

Swedish massage is the other of the two popular massage techniques for pain. The Swedish massage uses a variety of touches, but is known to be a deep tissue massage. You should not get a Swedish massage if you feel that deep, heavy touching will give you more pain. It is successful at reducing pain by increasing blood flow deep under the skin. This heats the body, flushes out toxins, and releases entrapped nerves.

Can Massage Relieve Your Pain?

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