Are Paint Solvents Harmful?

Are Paint Solvents Harmful? - Painters

Paint solvents, in their many forms, are used for a variety of reasons and are handy to have around if you do crafts or paint for a living. While solvents are common, they can also be harmful. How are paint solvents harmful? Read on to find out.


Toluene is a chemical which is commonly found in paint solvents. It can be very harmful if swallowed or inhaled and is known to cause headaches, nausea, breathing problems, and confusion. It can even cause irritation if it comes into contact with skin.

Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl acetate is another chemical which is found in paint solvents, and if inhaled, can cause many health problems. This chemical can cause burning of the throat, nose, and lungs and can even damage your sinuses. It can also act as a anesthetic if swallowed or inhaled.

Risk To Children

Children are especially at risk to the dangers of paint solvents. If you are wondering ‘are paint solvents harmful?’, consider how easy it would be for a child to be exposed to it.

Many brands of paint solvents do not have child-proof caps and can be easily opened. The chemicals that make up paint solvents can cause life-threatening health problems if ingested, including liver damage, respiratory problems, kidney failure, and chemical burns.

Fire Risk

Many of the chemicals found in paint solvents are extremely flammable and should be considered a fire risk. To avoid this risk, paint solvents should be stored in safe locations, away from heat, flames, and electrical outlets.

If you have ever wondered: How are paint solvents harmful? You are not alone. Many people use paint solvents every day and have no idea that they are handling chemicals which are potentially dangerous.

Always use proper safety precautions when using paint solvents so you do not accidentally inhale or ingest any of them.

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