Wall Colors To Hide Stains

Wall Colors To Hide Stains - Painters

Parents with toddlers know how common it can be for a wall to end up with crayon drawings, permanent marker lines, and chalk portraits on their walls. Responsible adults too, may make a mistake and end up with a stained wall. At first glance, these wall stains may not seem difficult to remove, but after trying to paint over permanent marker, a person may find it infuriating to see the same markings bleed through one fresh layer of paint after another. Fortunately, there are several strategies to cover over these pesky stains, including using certain wall colors to hide stains.

Rich Wall Colors For Easy Wall Stain Cover-Up

Using wall colors to hide stains might be the easiest fix. A parent with a child who loves to draw could find himself or herself repainting a wall several times a month, and for that reason, a one coat color — reds, blues, and chocolate browns being perfect example — will save a painter-parent time and money. Most stains do not bleed through darker colors — not noticeably anyway — and these colors should not need multiple coats to blend into the surrounding wall.

Applicable Primer Paints For Tougher Stains

However, permanent marker smudges bleed through paint, so using wall colors to hide stains is not an option. For staining products like permanent marker or oil-based foods, such as peanut butter, a stain-covering primer is the best option. One half-gallon of stain neutralizing primer should last, even parents of the most artistic children, several years.

Beware of Faded Paint

By applying a neutralizing primer, the markings below are sealed and returned to a simple paint adhering surface. After the primer has dried, a coat of fresh, matching paint will blend into the wall without notice. Painters should be cautious about how much sun and exposure to elements the wall in question endures, as most paints fade from sunlight, scrubbing, and humidity over time. A wall that has not had a fresh coat of paint in more than one year will likely have subtly changed color, and the original hue will stand out sharply against it.

Find A Professional Near You

Painters beware: stains can be tricky to address, but with careful attention to detail, most jobs are not too difficult. Or, for the toughest work, consult TalkLocal to be connected within minutes to the right professionals in your area.

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