Roof Shingles Repair Wind Damage

Roof Shingles Repair Wind Damage - Roofers

The shingles on your roof cover and protect the frame underneath and make you house look nice. So when wind damage tears off patches of shingles it may look unkempt and strange.  Shingles are meant to be wind resistant, but improper installation or severe weather can uproot them and damage your roof.

Roof Shingles Repair Wind Damage

The majority of shingles have a wind resistance of 60 miles per hour, whereas specialty shingles can withstand up to 130 mph gales.  The difference between the two types is the product quality, the amount of cement put on, and the number of nails used to hold them down.  Specialty shingles require six nails per while regular ones use four.  The two additional nails and dabs of cement increases the shingles’ performance when there is high wind.

Common Causes of Shingle Damage

The most common problem with shingle installation that causes damage is that they are improperly nailed. Most of the time when shingles fail in high wind situations, the issue is that they are nailed above the sealing strips.  This is against manufacturer guidelines, but sometimes when a contractor is in a rush they will forget to take the necessary time to inspect the work.

Another problem is that the nails are driven in too far.  When pneumatic or automatic nailers are used, and the compressor is set too high, the nail head can cut through the fabric on top of the shingle and leave the shingle virtually unattached.

Improper placement will also result in roofing shingle wind damage.  If the shingle panels are offset, and your roofer does not catch the mistake or tries to cover it up, they will be blown off in severe weather more easily.  When the sun’s heat begins to melt the glue tabs underneath the shingles another problem will occur.  If the shingles were set properly they would adhere to the roof below but in this case they will adhere to other shingles so if one shingle fails it will take many more with it.

Find Help Installing Shingles

When installing shingles on your roof you should look for a reliable contractor who will not cut corners.  Make sure that they follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best possible installation.

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