What Are Towing Mirrors?

What Are Towing Mirrors? - Towing

Many people wonder, “What are towing mirrors?” While towing mirrors may seem like a complex piece of equipment, they are usually just extensions added to the existing side mirrors of a vehicle. With towing mirrors, a vehicle will have better visibility past an RV or trailer that is being towed.

Towing Mirrors and the Law

In many cases, it may be illegal to tow an RV or trailer behind a vehicle without towing mirrors. Since it can be impossible to see other vehicles behind one’s own without towing mirrors, they are mandatory in some states and jurisdictions. However, this can vary based on one’s location.

While towing mirrors are often used for towing vehicles, some larger RVs may be equipped with towing cameras. In many cases, these towing cameras are installed on the rear of an RV. With a fish-eye lens, these cameras can provide a driver with a 180 degree view of the traffic behind a towed RV. This can make it much easier to change lanes, merge into traffic and much more.

Limitations of Towing Mirrors

However, it’s important to understand some of the limitations of towing mirrors. In many cases, towing mirrors can distort the distance of an object. Because of this, an object in a towing mirror may be closer than it appears. This can make it difficult to judge lane changes and other traffic maneuvers. In some cases, this can also increase the risk of an accident.

It’s also important to make sure that towing mirrors are securely fashioned to your vehicle. In many cases, towing mirrors are designed to slide over the existing side mirrors of a vehicle. In some cases, these mirrors can fall off of a vehicle while it is in motion. To prevent this from happening, it’s essential to make sure that towing mirrors are properly installed in a vehicle. This will reduce the risk of serious accidents in the future.

Find Help With Towing

Towing mirrors play a very important role for proper road safety. Contact TalkLocal if you would like help with towing. We’ll connect you with the right professionals in just minutes.

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