How to Replace Weather Stripping on Windows

How to Replace Weather Stripping on Windows - Window Replacement

Worn-out weather stripping on windows results in higher utility bills, because the stripping loses its ability to block drafts. It is highly recommended that you replace any old weather stripping with a new one to save on heating and air conditioning costs. If you have an old weather stripping material that is the peel-and-stick type, just pull the strip off to remove. If your stripping is secured with screws or nails, carefully remove each fastener.

Here’s how to install new weather stripping on double-hung windows using self-adhesive, V-shaped weather-stripping material:

1.) Using a damp cloth, clean the edges where you will add the weather stripping. Let the surfaces dry thoroughly.

2.) With a measuring tape, measure the length of each window area that will be weather stripped. Cut strips for the sides and bottom of the inner sash and the sides and top of the outer sash, making sure to add an inch to your measurements. You can also just hold the weather stripping in position against the sash and simply cut it slightly longer than the required length.

3.) Open the inner sash all the way up. Peel off the V-strip’s backing but leave the extra inch at the top end. Carefully press the strip (adhesive-side down) to the inside of a window jamb. The V of the strip should be facing inside. Do the same for the opposite side of the sash.

4.) Put the inner sash back in place. You’ll see the extra inches at the top of the strips with the backing still on. Peel off the backing and press the strips in place.

5.) Pull the outer sash all the way down. Install weather stripping to the window jamb the same way you did in Step 4. Also, add a strip to the top edge of the outer sash.

6.) Lift up the inner sash once more to apply weather stripping to the bottom edge.

These easy steps for replacing weather stripping on windows should seal up your sash windows rather nicely again, helping you cut your energy costs. Another excellent way to improve energy-efficiency in your home is to install insulated windows.

Further Help

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