Seva Call Interns Crash Exclusive 4th Of July Bash (Kinda)

Seva Call Interns Crash Exclusive 4th Of July Bash (Kinda) - Seva Call

Seva Call Interns Crash Exclusive 4th Of July Bash (Kinda)

Written by Rochelle Cecil.

Okay, technically we were invited; but for some of us, getting to enjoy free food and mingle with the startup industry’s heavy hitters at the 1776 Stars, Stripes, & Startups Party, was all thanks to some quick thinking by our founder MP.

It started a couple of weeks ago when Manpreet forwarded the interns an email that read “1776 Presents The Stars, Stripes & Startups Party.” Now, for those of you who don’t know, 1776 is a pretty legit organization that supports start-ups by connecting them to investors and entrepreneurial mentors. They hosted this party on the 12th floor of a building in downtown DC (literally 2 blocks from the White House), with free food, drinks, “carnival” games, DC startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and other awesome people.

And, the best part? We. Were. Invited. Little interns as we were: invited.

When July 2 came around, the office was buzzing. I’m pretty sure that less work got done Tuesday than any other day I’ve seen so far. And, that’s saying a lot with ping pong, football, and frisbee available daily.

However, tragedy suddenly struck when the reminder email popped up in our inboxes. Michael quickly brought to our attention the small white box at the bottom of the email that read, “Note that this event is 21+ and IDs will be checked by security at the door.” Now, Seva Call has 24 interns this summer and at least half of them are under 21. This threw a giant wrench in our plans.

The news quickly spread through the office; some threw up their hands in utter defeat, some joked about making fake IDs, some continued to work (as they were 21 and it made no difference to them), while one brave soul got to work saving the day.

Enter the hero: Manpreet Singh, Co-Founder, President, and Seva-Call-intern-party-saver!

With his superhero-like, master skills, MP was able to finagle his way to the top of the food chain and get special permission for Seva Call interns. Not only were we invited to a swag party in DC, we were VIP guests!

A few hours later, we were standing line to get in. After having our IDs checked (or black X’s placed on our hands) and being checked off the attendance list, we took the elevators to the 12th floor.

“Sweet Home Alabama” was being played by the live band and we were whirled into the mass of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and investors. We got some food, maybe a couple of drinks, played some Jenga, and got to work spreading the word about Seva Call.

We talked with everyone — other interns, entrepreneurs, and 1776 employees — and passed out buckets of business cards. Moral of the story: being a Seva Call intern is pretty awesome, and MP can work magic.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that your Fourth is as fantastic as our Stars, Stripes & Startups party was. Just…with fewer bumps.

Happy 4th of July from the Seva Call Team!

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