Types of Bar Window Guards

Types of Bar Window Guards - Handyman

These days, homeowners have the chance to profit from affordable home improvements, designed and implemented to turn their properties into an entirely safe, comfortable, incredibly beautiful environment. Bar window guards are used to add value to any private residence while minimizing security risks.

With so many options at hand, provided by some of the most reputable manufacturers currently operating on the market, choosing the right types of bar window guards can be quite challenging and time-consuming. Keep reading to find out exactly what kind of window guards will work best for you.

How to purchase the right bar window guards

The most effective bar window guards will prevent unauthorized entry associated with property damage, financial losses, and emotional traumas while also savings lives. Did you know that approximately 5,000 children get hurt after falling out of the window on an annual basis? Such tragic accidents can be avoided by simply installing one of the best types of bar window guards. Make the best decision after considering 3 important factors:

a)    Materials

Go in favor of products made from highly resistant materials, like aluminum or iron, which can easily support a considerable weight and stand the test of time.

b)    Size

Opt for bar window guards that are at least 15 or 16 inches high, displaying horizontal bars that are evenly distributed to stop children and pets from falling out of your window. A regular ball with a 5-inch diameter (the average size of a kid’s head) shouldn’t manage to pass through your bar window guard.

c)     Window compatibility

Your bar window guards should be a perfect match for your window. There are numerous types of windows, including slider, casement, and hung sash windows, and all of them require different types of bar window guards. Fortunately, homeowners can profit from free advice on this matter by simply conducting an extensive online search, consulting building codes and fire codes, or by contacting a competent handyman who has the best answer to this question and more.

Need More Help?

If you don’t have what it takes identify and install the best types of bar window guards on your own, ask for help today. Use TalkLocal, your number one provider of accurate, regularly updated information, to find the most reputable handymen in your area who will enable you to invest in excellent home security measures.

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