How to Install Lawn Sprinkler System

How to Install Lawn Sprinkler System - Landscapers

All you have to do is type “how to install lawn sprinkler system” into any search engine, and you’ll end up with an exhaustive list of every landscaper and sprinkler installer in your region. However, for those of you who are handy and enjoy DIY projects, installing your own sprinkler system is a relatively easy job.

Proceed with Caution

The first thing you need to do is figure out if there are any buried utility lines running underneath your lawn. Your local Public Utilities Department can help you with this. Once you determine where the buried lines are, you can decide on where you want to lay the pipes for your sprinkler system. Make sure to purchase a well-rated lawn sprinkler with a long-term warranty and read the manufacturer’s instructions before installing it.

Start Digging

Once you have figured out where you want to lay the pipes, stake out the lines using string and dig the trenches at a depth of six to twelve inches. If you live in an area that is prone to deep frost, you should make sure your trenches are closer to a foot deep. You also want to ensure that all of your trenches are level with each other.

Place the Pipes

The next step is to place the pipes in the trenches, along with sprinkler tees every seven to ten feet. Use three-quarter-inch PVC pipes and connect them using rubber cement. Put together your control valves and manifold system, which you will later attach to the main water line. Attach the sprinkler heads to the tees, ensuring that the heads are level with the rims of the trenches.

Connect the Water

Your lawn sprinkler system is now installed. The last step is to connect your main water line to the manifold. Draw a pipe from the main line using a tee, which is best placed immediately beyond the water meter. Make sure to put in a shutoff and control valve before you attach this new pipe to the manifold. Turn on the water and check that the sprinklers are functioning. Once you are satisfied, simply replace the sod in the trenches and your lawn sprinkler system is ready for use.

Want Professional Help?

While a lawn sprinkler system is pretty easy to install, it still requires some technical knowhow. If you need additional help on how to install lawn sprinkler system, simply use the free referral option on TalkLocal’s website. Within minutes, you will be connected to the best sprinkler installers in your area.

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