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Weeds are the biggest adversaries of a gardener. That is the reason there are so many different ways of controlling weeds like crabgrass that gardeners commonly use. Pre emergent weed control is one of them, and is a highly preferred medium among a large number of gardeners. However, there are a few basic instructions and precautions you must keep in mind when using pre emergent weed control.

Choose the Right Pre Emergent Weed Control

It’s crucial that you kill only the weeds and not your grass and plants. That is why it is extremely important that you pay attention to the herbicide you are choosing. Pick one that targets the common weeds in your region.

Read the Label Instructions Carefully

Every herbicide comes with its own set of safety precautions and instructions, the reading of which is extremely important. Failing to carefully follow each of these instructions during application can potentially kill your grass, too.

Apply the Herbicide at the Right Time

This is vital. In order to properly use pre emergent weed control, you need to be well acquainted with the life cycles of different weeds. Only then will you be able to effectively curb them right in the seed. You could get expert information off the Internet or consult a seasoned gardener, and make sure you apply the herbicide at the time of germination.

Adequately Aerate the Ground Prior to Applying Pre Emergent Herbicide

Proper fertilization and aerating the lawn are important for your grass, but doing so after applying the pre emergent weed control would render the herbicide inefficient. That is why you must aerate the lawn prior to applying the herbicide.

Never Use Pre Emergent Weed Control on New Sod

Because new sod is extremely sensitive, exposure to the herbicide will cause it to wither and die. That is why you must never ever use pre emergent weed control once new sod has sprouted above the ground.

Taking care of these instructions will ensure that you make the most of your pre emergent weed control while your grass grows lush and beautiful.

Get Professional Pre Emergent Weed Control

There’s always a professional solution for problems you do not have the time for. Get in touch with us at TalkLocal and we will make sure your lawn and garden are efficiently taken care of by the most experienced and trained professionals who know very well how to work the weeds and grow the grass.

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