Types of Evergreen Shrubs

Types of Evergreen Shrubs - Landscapers

Evergreen shrubs make your garden colorful and alive. These plants have a distinct look to them that will make them a great addition to your home. There are many types of evergreen shrubs, but we will discuss the most common and most colorful ones that will let you add variety to your garden. While they are smaller than espalier trees, many evergreen shrubs are known to produce flowers all year round, thus making them ideal as decorations.

Seven Types of Evergreen Shrubs

Winter heaths, or flowering stalwarts, are pretty shrubs that flower at the most unlikely of seasons. These plants live up to their name, and they flower in winter. They may even flower for half of the year if the conditions are ideal. Ideal conditions include nitrogen-rich soil and plenty of water.

Minuet laurels are plants with very colorful flowers. They are quite small, making them ideal for a small garden.

Blue Star Junipers are another type of evergreen shrub that are ideal for small gardens. These plants do not bloom, but they have blue needles that are quite attractive.

The next plants are Emerald and Gold Euonymus. They are so named because their leaves are emerald in the periphery but are gold in the center. They are quite beautiful plants that you can add to your garden.

Emerald Gaiety Euonymus are cousins of the emerald and gold, but instead, their leaves are green and white.

Moonshadow Euonymus plants are green and gold varieties of the euonymus plants. They are small and compact and make for a lovely ground cover.

Dwarf English Boxwoods are small plants that are attractive as the background for other evergreen shrubs.

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