What Is the Average Cost of a Gazebo?

What Is the Average Cost of a Gazebo? - Landscapers

The average cost of a gazebo depends on a few factors, primarily the material being used to construct it. Regardless of the cost, though, gazebos can be a great way to accessorize your yard or garden and enjoy the outdoors in style. Commonly made up of wood, these structures are usually octagonal or rectangular in shape. They can be made open and airy or closed. As the open and airy structures use less material, they are usually cheaper than the closed gazebos. Depending on the material you choose, shape, and size of your gazebo and the labor costs in your area, the average cost of a gazebo could be anywhere between $2,000 and $15,000. Here are some of the most common factors that will affect the average cost of a gazebo.


Choose your materials wisely. Gazebos can be constructed using a variety of materials, with wood being the primary choice. The other options you could use are vinyl or metal. Some people also like to use stone columns.

Cedar wood is the most preferred type of wood used to construct gazebos. It is lightweight yet dense and is highly resistant to moisture and decay. It’s extremely durable and long-lasting, making it absolutely worth your money. Other options are pressure-treated wood, bamboo, and redwood. The average cost of the gazebo would vary depending on the type of wood you use.


The average cost of a gazebo also largely depends on the type of roof you would like to have. Generally, gazebos have a classic hip roof that slopes on all sides. Alternatively, you could have a pagoda roof, curved roofs, ornamental, or slotted roofs. These roofs also could be made of various materials such as wood, shingles, slate, or tile. Many people also like to go for thatched roofs.

Shape and Size

Quite obviously, the average cost of a gazebo would increase with the size. So a 12’ x 20’ gazebo would certainly cost you more than a 8’ x 8’ one.

Open vs. Screened

While most gazebos are usually left open to allow an undisturbed view of nature as well as plenty of air and light, you may prefer to use some kind of screen to protect from insects, bird droppings, and tree debris. You could go for glass or polycarbonate screens, and your choice would directly affect the average cost of a gazebo.

You need to keep all of these factors in mind when constructing a gazebo. Choose materials and other determining factors based on your budget and preference.

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