How to Clean Limestone Fireplace

How to Clean Limestone Fireplace - Maid Services

A fireplace is a central point in any house, which not only keeps you warm in chilly weather, but also attracts attention through its aesthetic qualities. If you have a limestone fireplace, you are probably proud of its appearance and want to preserve it as long as possible. For that, you need to clean it regularly and protect it from possible damage. The following tips should make this easier for you.

Use the Right Cleaning Methods to Clean Limestone Fireplace

You can enjoy your limestone fireplace for a long time if you remember that limestone is a soft, natural rock that requires particular care. Its porous structure exposes it to various hazards, such as easy staining and scratching.

How Can You Keep Your Limestone Fireplace Clean and in Good Condition?

– Use soft cloths, preferably cotton, to clean the dust on your limestone fireplace.

– Don’t rub its surface with abrasive cleaning products, or you’ll scratch it and destroy its texture. Use liquid soap in a very low concentration. Make soft, circular motions when cleaning the surface of your limestone fireplace. Don’t apply pressure and don’t rub it forcefully or you might scratch it.

– Avoid sprays or wax, as they can produce discoloration and stains.

– This porous material absorbs water easily, that’s why it’s not advisable to place a flower vase on your limestone fireplace, as it will create spots on it that won’t come off when attempting to clean them.

– Refrain from placing objects, especially sharp or rough-edged items, directly on the mantel of your fireplace, as it can scratch easily.

How Can You Protect Your Clean Limestone Fireplace?

The simplest way to protect your fireplace is to have it sealed. This is very effective, especially if the fireplace is new. Sealants create a protection layer, preventing water and other liquids from penetrating through the limestone while at the same time protecting it from scratches or stains. Sealing your fireplace is a cost-effective solution that will preserve the beauty of your piece for years to come. For better results, it is advisable to apply two layers of sealant.

Additional Help

If you don’t have time to clean your limestone fireplace yourself or if you feel it’s safer to let a cleaning professional take care of it, TalkLocal can find you reliable maid services in the area, in no time.

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  1. Drew says:

    Good advice to avoid abrasive cleaners. Limestone is easy to scratch and that never looks good. Thanks for the tips.

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