Thermal Stone Therapy

Thermal Stone Therapy - Massage Therapy

Most people are familiar with body massages. In fact, there are several different types of massage therapies. But not many people are familiar with hot stone massages. This sort of massage is not common practice. However, it is usually performed more for therapeutic purposes – typically to relieve pain or tension in the muscles – rather than for mere pleasure. This is called thermal stone therapy. It consists of using heated flat stones to massage the specific problem areas of the body that are causing the muscle pain and/or tension.

How Thermal Stone Therapy Works  

Typically, there are five steps to performing thermal stone therapy. You will need approximately 4-8 smooth basalt flat stones, depending on which areas of the body you are trying to treat. You will also need massaging oil, a warm pot of water, some towels, and basic knowledge of acupressure points.

Step 1: Warm the Stones in Your Pot of Water

Your stones should be as warm as you or your client can bear.

Step 2: Prepare Your Client for Treatment

Place your towels on the massage table and have your client lie down. Ensure that he/she is comfortable. You will then need to oil the area of skin that you will be treating for your client. Doing so will allow the flat stones to glide more easily along his/her body during treatment.

Step 3: Carefully Place the Stones

Locate your client’s acupressure points. Once your stones have warmed to a bearable temperature, then you may begin placing them on those points. The most common areas to treat are the back, neck, legs, and arms. The heated stones placed onto the skin will aid in relaxing the muscles and releasing harmful toxins from the body. It will also aid in increasing the blood flow.

Step 4: Begin Therapy

The stones must be left in place for several minutes – or at least until your client’s body is fully relaxed. This allows the heat from the stones to be distributed throughout the body. Once the body is fully relaxed, you may remove the stones and commence with blending other specialty massages along with your therapeutic stone massage.

Step 5: Therapy Combos.

If desired, you may continue to use the warm stones to caress the muscles. You could also mix a variety of massage techniques, including the use of cold stones as well as the use of different types of stones besides the basalt stones. For example, marble stones are known for relieving pain and inflammation. Feel free to combine various techniques in order to achieve the best results for your clients.

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