What Are Mentastics?

What Are Mentastics? - Personal Trainers

Relaxation and exercise play a key role in living a healthy life. One way to work your body and loosen up at the same time is by trying Dr. Trager’s kind of massage and body therapy, called the Trager Approach. Mentastics, which stands for Mental Gymnastics, are part of this approach that was developed in the 1920s.

What Is the Trager Approach?

Dr. Trager’s approach consists of two interconnected parts: tablework and Mentastics. The former is passive and the latter is active. More exactly, during tablework the practitioner performs bodywork exercises on the participant, which induce relaxation. The practitioner uses mental techniques to attain a state called “hookup”, which facilitates an energetic flow between the practitioner and the participant. The second component of the Trager approach is Mentastics, which is based on active participation.

What Are Mentastics, more exactly?

Mentastics are a series of exercises that allow you to release stress and tension in an easy and playful way. Practitioners show the participants how to attain a state of comfort by moving freely and relaxing both their body and mind. Mentastics exercises can be performed under the guidance of a trainer, in groups, or on your own.

Natural Movement and Relaxation

The key element in Mentastics is moving naturally. All movements are simple and gentle; they are meant to enhance flexibility and free your body and mind. Mentastics are suitable for all ages and ability levels due to the moderate effort required when performing this kind of exercise. In Mentastics, movements flow naturally. The purpose is to regain the freedom you had as child, when the way you moved was completely free and unhindered. The techniques used in Mentastics are based on visualization, which are followed by graceful body movements with the purpose of achieving a state of relaxation.

Need Some Guidance?

If you want to give Mentastics a try, TalkLocal can put you in touch with an experienced practitioner who can guide your steps. Our service is free, and it gets you started immediately on the way to a healthier lifestyle.

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