How Does 3D TV Work?

How Does 3D TV Work? - TV Repair

A 3D TV can let you watch movies sometimes without using the bothersome 3D glasses. There’s a market for 3D DVDs, although the 3D TVs have not made a huge impact on the home entertainment industry yet. A 3D TV is the next step up from plasma and HD TVs, and one that should interest you if you are looking to upgrade your home entertainment system. Are you wondering: How does 3D TV work? Read on to find out.

Passive 3D Technology

3D televisions work the same way as 3D does in cinemas. Generally, there are two images on the TV set, one for each eye. The images are polarized vertically and horizontally. To correctly view movies on the passive 3D technology, you need special glasses like the ones used in cinemas. These glasses are inexpensive and easy to replace. They are crucial if you want to watch 3D movies on a passive 3D television set.

Active 3D Technology

For active 3D technology, instead of having two separate images for each eye, the TV alternately flashes images for each eye. This technology requires active 3D glasses, which differs from the one used in passive 3D technology because it has a power source (usually a battery) and liquid crystal lens. Without power, the active 3D glasses won’t work. They are also more expensive than passive 3D glasses. Modern game consoles can be connected here.

Glasses-Free 3D Technology

Although not widely available, this technology exists and uses “parallax barrier,” which is a relatively new technology. This parallax barrier is a special material used on the TV screen with slits for each eye. This creates the 3D effect. The only downside of glasses-free 3D technology is that viewers have to be looking at the screen from a certain angle, or else the images won’t look right.

Where to Get Professional Help

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